Celebratory Carrot Cupcakes

October 7, 2017

We made these great little cupcakes for my cousin's housewarming party, the requirements were that we could make any dessert, as long as it did not need to be eaten on a plate, as they were rather short on plates at the time having just moved into a new place and were tasked with hosting 25+ guests.

Celina and I fired up our search engines and we found a perfectly suited recipe from Jamie Oliver. We did not follow his recipe to the book as we made our own version of the mascarpone lime icing. For the amount of guests we had to feed we made Jamie’s recipe double. For the icing we used 250g of mascarpone, 200 g of Philadelphia original cream cheese, 220 g of icing sugar and 2 limes. Mix all the ingredients together and add the skin of both limes and use the juice of 1.5 lime.