Furious Falafel

May 1, 2016

A super dish to make on a relaxing Sunday evening! Packed with flavor and with the addition of stir-fry vegetables and a side salad, it was definitely a healthy meal all round.

We had never made falafel before, so as this was our first time, we decided to stick to an "out of the box" approach. We went to our local supermarket and picked up the Knorr Falafel box (link below). All the necessary spices and sauce mixes are included so you just need to add the rest. The recipe for the sauces and the falafel can be found on the box, along with the extra ingredients.

The stir fry vegetables are a simple but tasty addition, they are extremely simple to cook. Simply heat a medium sized pan on medium heat, we didn't add any oil or butter to the pan. Add in your vegetables and use a wooden cooking tool to mix the vegetables every couple of minutes. We like our vegetables to be crunchy, but of course you can cook them as long as you personally like.

The salad is down to what you enjoy in a salad, we added lettuce mix with carrots, tomato, mozzarella and avocado. Just add your favorite dressing!

Link to Knorr's website (Dutch Version)