Monday Night Pizza's

May 16, 2016

Pizza, 'Nuff said.

Pizza’s are always a winner in our minds. We pretty sure there are many more people who share our view. Plus there is nothing better than spending time with your significant other making pizza’s in your kitchen!

Tonight we didn’t make the pizza bases from scratch, as we had some fresh shop bought bases in the fridge already. This is usually not the option we go for, but pizza is pizza! We decided to create two different pizza’s so that we can mix and match with each other.

The first pizza (pictured on the right) is topped with; smoked chicken, green pepper, feta, mozzarella, bacon, bbq sauce and pine nuts. The second pizza (pictured on the left) is topped with salami, chorizo, green pepper, feta, mozzarella, bbq sauce and pine nuts.